Do you want to explode the buildings and streets, bounce with a cat-hook, and fly away somewhere in the sky, watching how the detonations below make a chain? Maybe, you want to ride dozens of vehicles, travel across numerous locations, and implement your heroic (or not very) plans into life? Yes, you have already guessed that we are talking about the forth part of one of the most popular action series called Just Cause. This time, more explosions and beautiful scenes are waiting for you. This adrenaline-producing title has become an addiction for gamers from all corners of the world and you won’t be an exception. The improved graphics, physics and even a better plot are waiting for you this time. So take a deep breath and get ready for the most exciting and active story you have ever seen.

Maybe, the best thing about Just Cause is that game developers were pretty brave in making the game maximum silly-looking, but still charming. The level of Rico’s coolness is sometimes so high that it becomes a little bit comical, but you really enjoy it, because this is what we call “charisma”. Sometimes, things that happen on the screen are embarrassing, but they remind about the modern films for the wide audience, which visit cinema to relax and have some fun. Nothing can maximize this kind of experience better than a game, where you become a character of a story yourself. In previous parts, the plots were not very intriguing and never promised any secrets of twists. The linear story is about Rico’s main aim he accomplishes successfully, doing some other stuff on his way. Well, this time, the plot-writers decided to add some intriguing moments and even tell you a story of Rico’s past, which makes him a real character of the game, not just a figure that acts non-stop. This story is connected with the previous ones and has a lot of humorous moments you will surely adore. So what are you waiting for? Jump into Just Cause and just cause as much chaos as you can handle!

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