Just Cause 2

Welcome to the Southern part of America, a place where everything is brought to chaos: the politicians are behaving as tyrants, the hurricanes ruin the villages, and armed conflicts don’t stop. Rico Rodrigues is an agent, who has a mission – to find and defeat a group of dangerous people called The Black Hand. He discovered a dark moment in his family’s past and now needs to figure out the truth. Well, out on your jacket with wings, take your hook, and let the destruction in the name of truth and justice begin! The graphics are improved here in many ways. First of all, it uses API, which improves the outlook of the settings and add a deal of visual details to the picture as a whole. Thus, be ready that such graphics need a pretty strong computer in Just Cause 2.

As for the engine, the title uses a very advanced one called Apex. This is a new engine, that makes the forth part of Rico’s adventures differ positively from the previous ones. Apex allows the realistic and detailed dust storms, lightning, tornados, and other natural disasters. The other improved elements include the physics, animation, detonation system, and all the details of the locations. What is more, your opponents in the game are smarter and therefore more dangerous now, so beware! Everything in the game can be destroyed and the objects made of different materials act differently when you interact with them. The only things that cannot be ruined, and this is pretty strange, are the trees and other plants. This makes a contrast, which is not very understandable considering the game logic.

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