Just Cause 3 Mods

Here is a very special thing for all gamers: Just Cause 3 with additional elements and extras! If you have already played it, you must be familiar with an agent called Rico, a very unusual man with special abilities. His bosses now send him for a serious task and he cannot fail it in any way. The missions are tough and sometimes repetitive, but you need to accomplish them to move further. However, if you tired of being a super loyal guy, you can ignore the missions and do whatever comes to your head. You have freedom here and all the actions are not determined by the plot. The open world and freedom bring a very realistic idea of the title. At the same time, don’t be too badass here, because your commanders might figure out that you are not following the plan and the problems will become unavoidable with mods!

The additional pack gives you a number of new types of guns, cars, and other amazing items. Now some of the vehicles you will drive have in-built weapons, so feel yourself like a super-hero from the comics. Shoot, ride, bounce and be cool! The missions you receive can be approached in different ways, so the plot can be unpredictable and who knows what this adventure will bring to you. Try it right now and see!

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