Just Cause 4 Gold Edition

You must have already seen that amazing trailer the Just Cause authors have posted before the release of the title itself. Again, bizarre character, incredibly-drawn towns and nature, explosions and 100% of action! If you remember, Rico Rodrigues is an agent, who was previously sent by USA to bring things in order in a distant tropical land. The president’s policy is corrupted and evil, so America cannot stay away, when the authorities anywhere in the world misbehave! So, your mission sounds pretty simply – you need to make your way to Panama, complete a number of tasks, and kill the president. Well, it is not that simple to accomplish, even if it can be described in one small sentence. Your bosses have assigned a couple of mission for you and you will receive even more of them from the locals, soldiers and other people you will meet. The side missions in this latest version of Just Cause is more detailed and interesting than they were in the previous ones. Amazing news: developers realize how important it is to avoid the mistakes they made before, so now the missions are less boring and more complex. In this part the story is about a mysterious organization, which you are going to struggle with. The head of this organization is Gabriella and she has a character made of steal. However, at some point you will find out a horrible truth: Rico’s dad is somehow connected to this organization and it is suspected that once he was a member of the gang. How could anything like this happen? And why? You will have to find out the answers to these and other questions during the story. Gladly, this time a narrative part of the game has some conflicts and intrigue, unlike those we have described above. So improving the weak parts, developers know exactly what are the strong sides of the game and therefore keep them and even make them better. While the plot and similar missions were readjusted and made more attractive, all the best things about Just Cause stayed the way they were. First of all, it is the openness of the space, which provides you with so many options. You can move to the forest or go to a town, if you wish. Here and there you will see beautiful places, drawn with attention to textures and small elements. Try and see!

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