Just Cause 4 Mods

The new missions are waiting for Rico, your most favorite agent. Now he has to fight the Black Hand, a band of villains headed by a cold-hearted lady. Another struggle against injustice, another chance to blow things up, another amazing story about secret agent. You will be surprised, but this time, the game developers worked on the plot and decided to give players a more complicated story than they usually did. Now, Rico is not just going from the place A to place B to kill Mr. C. He is in despair and need to find out the serious truth about himself, his family, and the past. Here comes the intriguing moment: Rico’s father is somehow connected with the band he is fighting now. Well, your aim is to accomplish a plenty of tasks and solve the main secret while you do. And don’t forget about all that fun Just Cause has for you! Enjoy the unlimited locations, puzzles, cool weapons, boats and cars! Don’t be shy to detonate and strike when you feel so. It’s Just Cause!

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