Just Cause 4 Multiplayer

Your opportunity to go for incredible adventures with Rico Rodrigues is now real! The developers have a lot of new features and ideas to please you with, so this part is quite different from the previous ones. Let’s start with a wide variety of cars and vehicles available now. If you thought, that the fantasy of creators was good enough to provide you with a deal of amazing travelling vehicles, you will be surprised that it wasn’t all they could delight you with. Now, you have even more vehicles to check out, ride on the land, fly in the sky, swim on and under the water. By the way, Rico still has his hook and “wings” to jump, climb, and float in the air. You have bombs and other explosive mechanisms to use and destroy. What is more, you are not the only destroyer in the game now! There are hurricanes, tornados, whirlwinds and other disasters, moving around. Sometimes, they will interrupt your plans and you will have to figure out how to change them. Not only you may need to solve the issue with the weather, but you can also use it for your own good. Use the tornados to surprise your enemies in Just Cause 4 Multiplayer!

Now the universe of Just Cause is much better than it was before. The graphics are more beautiful and the number of locations seems to be infinite. All the buildings are waiting for you to destroy them, the enemies cannot wait to start a battle, and the amazing sceneries are ready to delight your sight. By the way, there is a huge bridge in the game, which is the most exciting thing to explode, so turn it to ashes completely right after you find it. The explosions of different objects are not the same here, therefore take a chance and destroy them all. Chances are, that this one will become the last part in the series and you cannot miss the ending of Rico’s story. At the same time, we believe that the audience will surely meet this title with warmth and enthusiasm, so who knows! Maybe, the game developers will create something like an online battle. We will keep you updated.

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