Just Cause 4

If the previous parts of Just Cause are listed in your favorites, then you should wait no longer to try this one. The forth part of Rico’s adventures are already on the run! Maybe, he is not the most well-written and memorable character you have seen in your life, but still he has so many cool features and traits, that you just cannot pass him by. There is something about him that evokes sympathy in our hearts and God only knows, what is it. Just like the previous parts, this one is an embodiment of the most engaging and entertaining elements one may notice in the popular culture with its love for comics and movies that lack plot and concept but has a lot of special effects, explosions, and bright elements. Who needs realism when you can have your adrenaline rush? Who needs a deep character, when you have a protagonist everybody wants to be alike just because he looks tough? He even has a hook to swing around the city. He can drive cars, helicopters, and boats. He can do anything! Literally. By the way, all these amazing things Rico does are now working better and look more marvelously due to Apex, a new engine now implemented in Just Cause.

The enemies of Rico look dangerous, not to say terrifying. They are serious, smart, cold-blooded and has nothing to believe in except their criminal views on life. Now, the game developers won’t let you relax when you meet the protagonists. The previous parts featured stupid and slow enemies, while this time they are much more intelligent and have more chances to harm you.  When you decide you devote a couple of your hours (or days) to this title, you expect for a new blockbuster with explosions, amazing artwork, and perfect mechanics. And this is exactly what the developers did for you. Indeed, they paid so much attention to the picture because the games that are not focus on psychological work, twisted plot and something like that require a beautiful outlook. They do understand it and – behold! – you can enjoy spectacular cinematic explosions with three-dimensional textures. Indeed, if you believe that the games are for pleasure and this pleasure should be simple and clear, then you will surely love Just Cause. The previous parts made the creators see and examine the mistakes and weaknesses they allowed once, so they did everything to get rid of them and bring a really high-quality product.

If you don’t deny that Just Cause is not about the story, but an action, then you are a real fan and do understand what is so special about this title. The events take place in the Southern America, however, the particular place you will discover doesn’t exist. There, an army called The Black Hand led by a woman Gabriel is waiting for you. The story-writers decided to add more secrets in a plot, but we are not sure that is helps. Maybe, the Hollywood gloss and primitive plots are better for an action game like that, since they work together just perfectly.

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