Just Cause 5

In Just Cause you will play for Rico, a special agent, who has been sent by the American government to Panama. Your mission is to stop corruption and injustice in San Esperito, small state with tropical nature. There a president uses too much of his power and rules the country in a very unlawful manner, so you are to stop such injustice at all costs. The best things about this title is the openness and enormous sizes of the map and amazing freedom of character’s decisions and behavior. You will wander through jungles and beaches, visiting small villages and large towns. Pay special attention to the world you will see there – incredible details and realism will surely amaze you. By the way, you can discover new lands travelling on numerous types of transport, from a car to a scooter and aircraft. Gladly, Rico can drive and fly almost anything! The nasty political regime must be defeated and you will do everything to assist the locals to do it. There are soldiers all over the jungle and you will help them and receive various missions to get closer to the victory. At the same time, you can do almost anything that springs to your bright mind while you advance in a game. This includes even breaking the law in various ways and jumping with a parachute just for fun.

As a super-agent, you have a lot of skills and tools to perform different tricks. For example, Rico has a special hook and will use it to jump around the city, clinging to all imaginable objects that can be found there. You also have two partners, who are going to assist you in the missions and bring you transport and guns when needed. The locations vary from natural environment to cities and military towns. When you complete the missions, you will move from one point to another and receive even more of them. Some side-missions are also present and you can choose whether to accomplish them all or not. Most of them are very similar. You will need to find something or build relationships, support the partisans or save people from death. The bonus scores will be added to your score once you successfully go through the tasks. There are many weapons of various level of fire, some of are special, since they have fantastic features like never-ending patrons or double dun barrels.  You will unlock even more of them while you proceed. Your final aim is to reach and murder a president, which won’t be that simple. You cannot just visit his dwelling and kill him when you start the game, but complete a wide range of tasks offered by your authorities and locals before.

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