Just Cause 6

An incredible agent Rico Rodriguez is back again! We know that you have missed him. Now you can experience another part of his crazy adventures in Just Cause 4. Again, he has so many important missions to deal with, but nothing prevents him from fooling around and having fun. It seems like his favorite hobby is to explode everything he sees and watch the objects coming into a chain reaction, when they blow up. Hopefully, you share his passion for explosions, because you will have a plenty of them here. Besides the denotations caused by yourself, you will also witness numerous natural disasters, like tornadoes and more. All of them are drawn by game artists in a very sophisticated, realistic and aesthetic manner. This is a huge plus of the title, since graphics make your experience ten times stronger, when it looks good. The number of different places to see is also astonishing. Rico will travel across the lands, visiting seashores, mountains, and jungle. Whatever transport you choose can be professionally driven by this guy! So whether you prefer helicopters or submarines, you can try them all. Don’t forget that you also have a wide choice of weapons of various levels and additional tools like hooks and parachutes. Indeed, an agent must have a tool kit that strikes. Just make sure that your computer is strong and new enough to let you play it. The requirements have already been published by the developers on the web, so hurry up to check them out and adjust your machine to take part in a bright and thrilling adventure with Rico!

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