Just Cause Cheats

In the third part of Rico’s adventures, you are going to visit a Republic of the Medici that suffers from the unjust deeds of a General and his servants. You are the only person, who can save the situation and bring things back to order. Punish the enemies and save the innocent dwellers from a political catastrophe. The open environment of the game provides you with hundreds of kilometers of space, where you can walk and drive freely wherever you desire. The islands look like paradise and you have a chance to see from the high above, when you jump into your helicopter and fly in the sky. By the way, don’t forget that you have a parachute! There are also numerous bases you can blow up and destroy, weapons you can try, vehicles you will ride, and missions you will accomplish on your way. The main quest is pretty clear from the very beginning, but you won’t be focused on this part of the story all the time. Other characters will offer you additional tasks, that will bring you benefits, scores, and new items. You can decide whether to take a task or not, the game doesn’t force the players to follow any particular plan, except the central mission you have. This mission is to defeat a tyrant that rules the state. The title cannot boast of intriguing story-writing and deep ideas, however, let’s be honest – it is an action, where you have to run around, make shots and explosions, and enjoy the beautiful graphics. This won’t be boring for sure.

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