Just Cause Last Version

Is there anything more relaxing and pleasurable than finding yourself in the middle of chaos, where everything explodes, flies around, and burns with fire? Guess, not! This is an idea Just Cause developers share to the fullest. Creating these series and the forth part in particular, they were thinking about a stress-reducing and bright title, which doesn’t require your brain to take any part in the process. Indeed, this is a great pleasure for those who value delight of this special kind. Rico is the main character of all the previous titles and this one, too. He had already completed a great number of missions and tasks, supporting partisans and defeating bloody regimes here and there. However, there are more accomplishments waiting for him and you are welcome to discover them in Just Cause Last Version.

Rico is going to tropical lands, where the band of dangerous people are operating. He is going to defeat them, of course. But first, there is something he would like to know about them, himself, and his father. This time, the authors of the title decided to add at least something that reminds gamers about a plot. Maybe, it is not that perfect, however, it doesn’t try to be one. The game is all about disorder and destruction, not melodramatic or thoughtful stories. By the way, the beautiful nature of the tropical lands looks amazing, since the graphics were improved comparing to the previous parts. Not only the way it looks, but also the way it moves, by the way. The mechanics are now better due to Apex, a new engine. If you have enjoyed the previous adventures of Rico but have no desire to play them one more time, still something attracts you in this crazy agent and his love for explosions, you are welcome to try this part right now! We bet that your evenings and weekends will surely become brighter, when the fire and explosions will burn on the screen of your PC. So enjoy!

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