Just Cause Update

Super agents never get old and so does Rico. Things that keep him forever young and energetic are not connecting with spa salons and beauty procedures, oh no. Nothing is that anti-aging as explosions, fire, fights against injustice, and tough missions. We present a forth part of popular title that conquered the hearts of all chaos-lovers and desperate adventure-seekers – Just Cause. This time, rainforests, mountains, and tropical sceneries are waiting for you to step in. The number of available location to visit is near to infinite, because the title is pleasing us with a large open universe, where the freedom of movement and action is the key. The missions are now more challenging, so brace yourself, take your hook and “flying” jacket and go ahead! Don’t forget about the parachute – the helicopters are one of the main ways of transportation here. Watch the beautiful nature from the window of your aircraft!

The main element of Just Cause is never its plot and the same happens when you start playing the final part. Yet, the disasters are all around the place here. Some of them are certainly caused by you, maybe the biggest trouble-maker in the history of super agents. The others are natural, since the place you are going to visit has changeable weather and sometimes you will even have a chance to use the natural cataclysms for your own purposes. If this sounds nice to you, then don’t wait any longer – join the amazing entertainment today!

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